Mixing & Mastering

I am happy to bring my decade of experience as a mixing engineer to other developing independent artists. I am not only an engineer, but an artist myself, bringing a new level of understanding of how important each individual project is to the artist and their fans. Additionally, I have insight of how a great mix of a great song fits into the bigger picture of an artist's overall brand and message. My goal with every mix is a technical & professional sound that puts a strong emphasis on feeling.


A professional sounding record will get you listeners. A record with feeling will get you fans.


The online mixing process is very quick and easy! Though each song and project varies, the entire process usually averages around 1 or 2 weeks.


•Step 1: Upload your Pro Tools session or separated audio stems/tracks using a file transfer service like HighTail, DropBox, WeTransfer, etc. Please zip all files into a single archive and include a printed rough mix of your song for me to reference.

•Step 2: I download, prepare your files and mix them within ProTools.

•Step 3: A high quality preview of your mix is then sent to you for your review.

•Step 4: You listen to the mix on several different speakers and headphones in several different environments. Take detailed notes about any changes you'd like me to make to the mix, if any.

•Step 5: After receiving your feedback, I make the necessary changes to your mix and send back to you for review. We try to nail the mix in less than 3 takes, however, I offer UNLIMITED revisions to all mixes until the artist is 100% satisfied.

•Step 6: Once you approve the final mixes, you will receive 4 printed mixes. The main mix, the TV Mix (main mix minus lead vocals), the Instrumental Mix, and the Acapella Mix. Separated stems are also available upon request.

Begin the process now! Fill out the form below if you're interested in having me collaborate with you on your musical goals.

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