Meet young musical renaissance man fresh out of Detroit, Sean Earle. Putting melody and relatable lyrics at the forefront in his approach to songwriting, this emerging artist is someone that will inevitably leave his mark on the Pop music scene. While his unique vocal skills are a standout on his records, Sean is also credited for songwriting, producing, mixing, mastering, and live instrumentation of multiple instruments on almost all his records. Additionally, Earle is self managed and operates all of his business affairs via his independent record label and music publishing company, Romeo Gold Entertainment.

With the release of "Work" - the remix and rewrite of the Rihanna hit - in the summer of 2016, Sean Earle is welcoming new fans by the thousands. "Work" was a song dedicated to introducing this new artist to an entirely new audience and it has served it's purpose. Fans of the song are pleased to hear the pop masterpiece of an album, "It's Only Love," released in late 2015. The album features singles like the shiny pop rock anthem "Cigarettes," the emotionally seductive "Hypnotized," the world's next go-to wedding ballad, "99," and of course, the title track "It's Only Love" which has a fun pop melody that will bring hope and optimism to desperate and broken hearted lyrics - reminiscent to something that would have topped the charts in the late 80's or early 90's.

Now, Sean Earle is calling 2018 "The Year of Honesty," which will be the title of his new album slated for release this Summer. Sticking with the theme of honesty and authenticity, the first single is "What Have You Done," crafted to have you singing every word of the chorus before you even realize it's your new favorite song. The second single "Mess" showcases the many previously unseen sides of this artist, most notably his ability to elegantly combine anger with sensuality, an unlikely match, topped off with a pleasantly surprising hip-hop verse to conclude his perspective of the "messy situation" described in the song. Both of these singles show that the upcoming album will likely earn this new artist a well deserved spot among the biggest hitmakers and influencers of the current music industry.

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